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        LAVANY is an international company specializing in beauty & personal care. With eight years of production experience, a mature R&D team and an aesthetically astute design team, the LAVANY brand stands out in the market. With a product range that spans skin, oral and body care, LAVANY has almost all your beauty and personal care covered, further helped by its profound technology accumulation and production strength. LAVANY has made its mark all over the world with products used by consumers of many different nationalities and backgrounds, and it plays an indispensable role in the domestic life of millions of families. As well as this, LAVANY’s global distributors are now in the hundreds, covering the main countries and areas in Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East. In addition to quality products, we at LAVANY also highly value the customer experience and any feedback offered. We strive to continually update product features and expand product choices based on customer demand so that future customers can enjoy a more thorough and rounded beauty & personal care experience.