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Heirloom 传世毛制品系列产品是历史传承和高质量的代名词,其灵感来源于新西兰大自然的美丽。我们的理念是使用新西兰以及世界上最好的毛线,同时结合精心的设计和先进的制造工艺,生产出最为经典耐用和奢华的产品,这体现了我们对质量和款式的永恒追求。我们的产品包括了经典的手工制品系列以及温暖的奢华系列,这两个系列充...

        The Heirloom Woollen Collection is synonymous with tradition and quality, while taking its inspiration from New Zealand’s natural beauty. Our philosophy is to create traditional and luxurious garments using the very best yarns from New Zealand and around the world, combined with timeless manufacturing techniques, to reflect 'quality and style without compromise'. 
        The result is a range of traditional handmade garments and luxury items designed for luxury and warmth, the point where softness and style meet. Every element within the Heirloom Woollen Collection is built around timeless and authentic garments that can be worn, loved and treasured by future generations.  
        Bespoke and completely unique, the changing patterns of the seasons offer unique opportunities when it comes to creating our various product lines. Items are exclusive to different times of year and limited in number to ensure the highest quality lace garments and stylish accessories that are exclusive, authentic and unsurpassed in their quality.